May 1, 2024

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This Video Proves that Donald Trump Won the 2020 Presidential Election

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This video proves that Donald Trump won the 2020 United States Presidential election using voting transactional data. It’s 100% provable and verified. If you add in other forms of fraud including, but not limited to, mail-in ballot fraud, dead voters, non citizens voting, thrown out ballots, and other software fraud, Donald Trump won in an absolute landslide. Anything short of a complete audit of the entire United States election process is a fraud on the American people. A complete audit of the entire election process will not only highlight that Donald Trump won the Presidential election, but that other seats in the congress and senate were stolen as well. The American people deserve a fair and honest election.

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1 thought on “This Video Proves that Donald Trump Won the 2020 Presidential Election

  1. Sarah, your expose was forwarded to me. Of the 30 plus living members of my immediate family, only two voted for Biden. Thank you for putting this out. In my opinion, along with many others, Biden is not the true candidate anyway. I feel he is just a pawn in an attempt to have him declared incompetent in March or April of next year. That puts Harris in the catbird seat and she will nominate Pelosi to be her vice president. Gee, I wonder who will really be running the country? Absolutely not Harris, she will be much like a ventriloquist’s dummy – her lips will move, but it will Pelosi’s voice we will hear. I just hope, and pray, exposes, such as yours stop this charade in it’s corrupt tracks.

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