May 12, 2024

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Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs 11/13/20

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Sidney Powell of Donald Trump’s legal team did an interview with Lou Dobbs tonight on Fox Business Fox news, where she said “I’m going to release the Kraken…I’m going to expose every one of them” when it comes to the effort to steal the election from Donald Trump and give it to Joe Biden. This is madness and it shows how people like Lou Dobbs are harming American democracy

1 thought on “Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs 11/13/20

  1. When i early voted for 39th ward in chicago, after 25 minutes in line on a chilly day( am a senior on a cane) the judges came out and said they ran out of the initial form for address & signature were out & they were waiting for more, Along with two other sites. Said they requested more in he morning but they hadnt arrived. I said I wasnt leaving and sat down and waited another 25 minutes while others turned away and said they could go to another site but the “judge didnt know name of other two sites. Normally they handled 400-450 voters every day. I called my alderman and told them what was happening and they knew NOTHING but immediately thanked me & called “command central”. One person there seemed annoyed when he heard my call to the alderman. Just one ward in a huge city. Thought this might have been happening at other sites!!!

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