November 12, 2022

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Is there Hope for South Africa ?

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As the nation reels from xenophobia attacks and a series of outrageous political comments made by some of it’s politicians , the nation of South Africa seems to be on the brink of either a massive upward change or a down turn. The ANC has made calls to expropriate land from white South Africans without compensation . It refuses to acknowledge that there are farm murders and has not changed it reverse apartheid policy of black economic empowerment. Is there hope ? If the president can sing like this then surely there is hope right ? We pray and hope that God will intervene in South Africa , where in the past 25 years the economy has been raped and the results of this has been blamed on white minority capital. This is the same president who said that ANC members should continue to vote ANC because the Boers will come back and re-instate apartheid. This is the same president who wants to nationalize health insurance and do away with private medical aids. The same president who wants to force pension funds to fund the corrupt ESKOM power utility . People’s heart bleed when they see a sight like this because they would love for it to be true. But God is not mocked ! There is HOPE . Weather you mean it sincerely or not , you will be held accountable for whatever you did in His name.

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